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Prices    215-275-3966

Digital Painting -The price for a digital painting is $100 for a single pet and $50 for each additional pet in the same painting. The high quality image will be emailed to you so you can take to any Print on Demand site to order your own print, canvas, mug, t-shirt, or whatever you wish. You will have the high quality image to order whatever you wish.

Rock Paintings - The price for a pet portrait is $150 for a single pet on one stone. The artist will choose the size and shape of the stone depending on the reference photo. In general, the size of a stone with one pet is approximately 5 inches by 7 inches. 

Prices are for one pet.
Additional pets on the same stone are an additional charge and most likely on a larger stone. Ask for quote.
Specific background requests are an additional charge. Ask for quote.
Shipping charges are additional. 

Canvas Paintings, the charge is $15 x length (in inches) + $15 x width (in inches)
9" x 12" = $315 
12" x 12" = $360
11" x 14" = $375
10" x 20" = $450 
16" x 20" = $540 
18" x 24" = $630

Please email message or text with any questions. 
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